Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our House we bought this house a little over 2 years ago and for the most part we love it. It has had so many po's that they have done quite a bit of muck ups. We built a new garage and put a new roof on plus gutters, driveway,deck and heating and air. This house was built in 1889 or 1900...not sure of the exact year. Not sure either of the style of house. We have leaded glass windows in the front and 2 stained glass windows also on the front/side of the house. We heard that the house was built by a doctor but that he never lived here. The house next to us was the hospital at that time. There is hardwood floors throughout the house except for the bathroom which had some fake wood looking vinyl down. Of course since we took out the radiators we have holes in the floors where the pipes went through. One of these days we will fix those or maybe I will just put electrical outlets there instead. We found that the po's had put the foam type insulation on the porch on the ledges by the pillars then painted it so it looked like the wood was all intact. This pic here shows the old drive since this was inspection day for us before we closed on the house. Hope you like the pic.

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