Sunday, June 10, 2007

bath remodel

Well our bathroom remodel started really last July or August (06) with the gutting. We found someone to do the actual work and he started in Nov 06 and here it is June of 07 and it is still not finished. We went semi gangbusters on it until we hit a snag with ordering the door. It got ordered but came in the wrong size. We waited another 6 weeks for the new one to come in. Meanwhile our contractor is doing other things and it is like pulling teeth to get him here to finish the job. We are so close and yet still so far away. Yesterday he put the door in and hung the mirror. He was supposed to come today and do the wood trim work around the door so he can finish the tile work. Did he show up ???? Heck NO!! I am so tired of his p*&& a&& excuses for not coming. He didn't even have the courtesy to call and say he wasn't coming. He just let me wait around all dang day waiting for his sorry a&& to not show up.